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19 Crimes: Martha's Chard & Cali Blanc

Launched new-to-world wines by immortalizing Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg with their own action figures

Beauty Pie

Subverted traditional beauty advertising to relate to the modern woman


Turned "your Dad's whisky" into the spirit of the next generation

Buchanan's: 200% Nation

Celebrating heritage while reimagining traditions in their own unique style

Buchanan's: 200% Occasions

How do we get our 200%ers to think of Buchanan’s when they socialize around food and music?


Got the whole world talking about a tired ingredients story


Supported sustainability with a message for farmers

Doritos X Netflix

Live streamed the first ever concert from another dimension

Dropbox: You Can Do It

Launched a multi-product suite of tools to position Dropbox to do more than just store

Halo Top: No Work Workout

We took the work out of working out with the first-eve pop-up un-gym

International Women's Day

Brought unconscious gender bias to the forefront of culture


Married a legacy brand with cutting-edge science

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