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Help us get to know you: Creative Aptitude Test

Creative Aptitude Test

We’re not entirely sure what we’re looking for, but we’re absolutely sure that we can’t find it by looking at just your book. Take this little test so we can begin to get to know you better.

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Our Social Mission

As a business, our growth paralleled the open and democratic growth of the internet. It was the superhighway that allowed us to go from a tiny startup to an agency that challenged the status quo of the whole industry. As the children of this new media environment, we want to protect it.

Every day we do our best to create positive, entertaining and relevant work. But we are far from perfect, and we know everything we make pollutes our media environment.

The media environment is reeling from a list of toxic problems: Foreign governments hacking social media sites. Clickbait. Fake news. Hate speech. Media fraud. Bots. Data abuses and more.

So we dedicate our time and creative energy to groups that fight for a free, positive and safe media environment – from supporting media literacy programs to supporting net neutrality.

When we do this, our company, our people, our clients and the consumer all win.