The Driver's Seat 360˚ Experience

Infiniti designs cars that empower drivers. But there’s nothing empowering about walking around concept cars you can’t touch or experience. So at the 2015 Pebble Beach Automotive Week, we created two immersive virtual reality experiences to create a loophole that put guests behind the wheel of the Q60 and QX30 Concept cars.


The films could also be experienced at home through both a Google Cardboard-enhanced mobile app and the first ever YouTube 360 automotive ads, ensuring that viewers everywhere would be able to experience these cars the way they were meant to be experienced—from the driver’s seat.

Case Study: Integrated

The Driver's Seat VR Mobile App

One App, Two Virtual Reality Experiences

Download our App and be transported to the driver's seat of the high-performance Q60 Concept as it accelerates along the ultimate Dream Road. Our next VR experience, From Pencil To Metal, puts you in the heart of the stunning QX30 Concept as it is designed in three dimensions all around you, from the original sketch to the final model. 

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