• Old Navy Spring 2013

    This spring, Old Navy is taking fashion to new heights. Everybody’s favorite Chief Style Attendant Julie Hagerty, is making sure we’re all getting upgraded, with special guest passengers like Mr. T, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Boyz II Men.

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    Spring 2013 campaign screenshot

    Spring 2013

  • Old Navy Funnovations Inc

    Come fun, come all! The secret behind Old Navy fun is finally revealed. Tour FUNNOVATIONS INC and prepare to be amazed at the hidden surprises inside. It’s where all the Old Navy fun comes from!

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    Funnovations Inc

  • Old Navy Booty Reader

    To determine which cut of Old Navy jeans will love your butt the most, Old Navy launched The Booty Reader. Belly your booty up to your webcam, snap a pic and voila!

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    Booty Reader

  • Old Navy Old Navy Records

    Musicians these days fancy themselves clothing designers. So why couldn’t Old Navy become a music label? They did, airing catchy music videos with odes to ankle jeans.

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    Old Navy Records campaign screenshot

    Old Navy Records

  • Old Navy Supermodelquins

    Celebrities drive fashion culture, so Old Navy reestablished itself as a fashion icon with its own homegrown super celebs: The SuperModelquins.

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  • Old Navy Back to School 2012

    Old Navy is taking the drama out of school shopping with the "Back-to-School Special." Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris teach us that all you need are awesome new clothes at great prices to make the first day drama-free.

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    Back to School 2012 campaign screenshot

    Back to School 2012

  • Old Navy Cheermageddon

    Cheermageddon.com has all the information you need to help get prepared for the friendliest Black Friday ever. On the site you can view doorbusters and deals by day, find your closest Old Navy location, find a coupon or even make a shopping list.

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  • Old Navy Holiday 2012

    Old Navy is taking Christmas all the way with the family that knows Christmas best. From decorating all the way with colorful Pop Pants to warming up all the way with Sweaters for everyone in the family–Old Navy has the perfect gifts all season long.

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    Holiday 2012 campaign screenshot

    Holiday 2012

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