It takes great people to make great work.


Number of open jobs: 7

The CP+B internship can be described as out of the frying pan into the fire, then back into the frying pan, and later back in the fire. It’s fast-paced, it’s overwhelming at times, but it packs more experience into a few weeks than other Internships do in a year. You’ll do work. You’ll make things. You’ll learn. And you’ll be ready for any job afterwards. Including one inside our walls.

Still interested? Drop what you're doing and apply now to join the Hoopla. CP+B selects interns on a rolling basis. Translation: Apply today. When internships are filled, applications will close.

Production Solutions

Number of open jobs: 2

One of the most exciting, dynamic and diverse groups in the agency, Production Solutions is a fast-paced, well-oiled machine comprised of Project Management, Art and Asset Production, Studio, Digital Asset Management and CPB’s onsite Photography Studio – every production discipline required to take traditional – and non-traditional – requests from concept to completion. These talented producers and artists tackle everyday requests with ninja-like speed and accuracy while regularly partnering with CPB’s Video, Digital, Outeractive and Product Innovation groups to create extraordinary, award-winning work.


Number of open jobs: 1

We Want To Hire You

OK, that’s not being totally honest. We should qualify that statement. If you’re talented, hard working, smart, brave, innovative, humble, confident, nice and love working in advertising, then we want to hire you.