It takes great people to make great work.

Business Development

Number of open jobs: 1

The mission of Business Development is to create and sustain relationships and new opportunities for CP+B, which will boost our growth, drive success, ensure long-term value, and allow for the agency's other departments to stay devoted to our existing clients. We serve as the initial impression that prospective clients have of CP+B, when they engage with us to discuss our credentials and capabilities, sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), develop responses to their RFPs (Request for Proposal), and organize meetings and logistics throughout their entire pitch process. During this time, they get a glimpse of what it would be like to become a client of CP+B – the passion, devotion, dedication, above-and-beyond tireless efforts, "nothing is impossible" mindset that they see in Business Development is what they can expect from all the CP+Bers dedicated to their company and brands.


Number of open jobs: 4

Everyone at CP+B comes up with ideas, but creatives are the ones who can’t stop until they have a great one. Back in the 60s, copywriters took care of the words and art directors made them look great, but these days, they are at the center of a crazy and chaotic process that makes great work happen, and collaborate with everyone from cognitive scientists to social gurus. It’s a job so creative, we turned a verb into a noun just to give it a proper name.   


Number of open jobs: 2

The CP+B internship can be described as out of the frying pan into the fire, then back into the frying pan, and later back in the fire. It’s fast-paced, it’s overwhelming at times, but it packs more experience into a few weeks than other Internships do in a year. You’ll do work. You’ll make things. You’ll learn. And you’ll be ready for any job afterwards. Including one inside our walls.

Still interested? Drop what you're doing and apply now to join the Hoopla. CP+B selects interns on a rolling basis. Translation: Apply today. When internships are filled, applications will close.

Message Planning & Analytics

Number of open jobs: 2

You might’ve heard we’re media agnostic. We don’t just get media plans handed off and then create content that fits the media plan. Here, creative content drives media planning. Media Planners here are content distributors. They find places and ways for creative to live and be impactful. They’re constantly negotiating and finding ways to put out seemingly impossible ideas for the world to see. And they work out the numbers, too, to optimize media presence and measure our success.

Plus Productions

Number of open jobs: 1

We have pretty high expectations at CP+B. And projects aren’t one-size-fits all anymore. That’s why we created a new production model to fit the times and put it in house. We can cut, color and finish a spot running in 6 countries. Or put a Go-Pro camera through a pizza oven and have the video on Instagram, looking great the same day. It pays to be nimble.

Social Media

Number of open jobs: 1

This team of strategists and community managers lead the development of social strategy, planning and implementation for our social clients. Our always listening approach serves to identify conversation moments and provide inspiration and channel direction to Creative teams, to deliver ideas that travel.

We Want To Hire You

OK, that’s not being totally honest. We should qualify that statement. If you’re talented, hard working, smart, brave, innovative, humble, confident, nice and love working in advertising, then we want to hire you.